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An innovative, worldwide acknowledged educational method

Learning by Languages is a method aimed at building and deepening key strategic skills for the future of children: the development of creative thinking, the knowledge of English, the use of technologies and internationality.

Creative thinking development

According to the pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi, children have one hundred languages. The atelier and the expressive activities promoted by the Learning by Languages method encourage the development of creativity along with the many forms of intelligence that belong to children.

Technological and digital innovation

The Learning by Languages method, consistently with the most innovative researches on the role of technologies for teaching, offers digital and multimedia devices that children can use in a simple and intuitive way. 
The computer is present in everyday life for experiments and creative uses; other tools (such as video and overhead projectors, tablets, interactive tables and boards) constitute a digital learning environment that increases the chances of exploring for children.

Who is the atelierista?

The atelierista play a strategic role within the Learning by Languages method: he/she supports teachers with distinctive skills in the arts and contemporary expressive techniques. In the atelier children play with materials and tools able to stimulate them using different expressive and symbolic languages.

International dialogue promotion

Our services promote dialogue and international exchange, welcoming children, families, practitioners from all over the world. We build the expressive and linguistic skills that will enable children to become citizens of the world.
For this reason, the daily activities are lead in English, with native speakers and highly qualified personnel. Children learn English through play and creative activities, following their own interests, applying a multisensory approach. Teachers create environments for children in order to nurture their enthusiasm and curiosity.


Our services promote the international dialogue and exchange, build language and expressive skills that will allow children to become citizens of the world.

Learning by languages is also the method used exclusively by Dragonfly, nursery and preschool and Calicanto, bilingual nursery school.

Contacts & staff

The Onetothree Kindergarten School is placed in Milan, Viale Premuda 38 / A.

It is open from monday to friday  from 8.30 am to 04.00 pm
Time is flexible according to the needs of children, with the possibility of early access at 7.30 am and late leaving at 06.00 pm.

You can write to
or call the following numbers School +39 02 7600 6795 - Mobile +39 335 7528772

The contact person is Mrs. Manuela Sonetti and she will be available to answer any of your questions.
 Her telephone contact is 335 7528772.

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